Saturday, January 27, 2018

Unexpected surprise..........SAFARI!!!!!!

Last week, we were invited to join a physician assistant student on a weekend mini safari - how could we pass up that opportunity??? We left Chogoria after Friday morning hospital rounds and lunch, and were driven 3 1/2 hours to the Samburu Park and the Intrepid Lodge. What a blast!!! We went for 2 game drives on Saturday and another early Sunday morning before returning to Chogoria Sunday afternoon. Our lodging was in a tent that was on an elevated platform and covered by a thatch roof - in this "tent" were a plush bed and full bathroom facilities including running water! We had buffet meals for breakfast and lunch and had nice menu selections for dinner. All in all, a wonderful time....and we did see a very good selection of animals and birds!!!

Executive "camping" at the Intrepids Lodge!

At dinner with Lauren, a PA student from the Detroit area who
is going to school in the Twin Cities.

Friendly monkeys roamed around the open-air dining room, hoping for
some treats.

David with David, a Kenya tribesman who watched over the
dining room, using his slingshot to ward off the monkeys!!

Susie with Chris, a tribesman who gave talks about the local
environment and culture.

Susie and Lauren went for a walk in the dried up river bed near the lodge
and met two women from the nearby village.

Beautiful, expansive Africa!!!!

Enjoying the animals from the safety of an open top Land Rover.

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Gayle said...

Lauren has her Spartan shirt on! Spartans Will! They are every where!
Very cool experience you had.