Saturday, January 27, 2018

At the hospital.........

Our day begins at 8 AM with a meeting of all medical staff.....attending and consultant physicians, residents, interns,  clinical officers. There are either case presentations or didactic lectures. At 9, the various teams go their separate ways.......the medical and pediatric teams meet to discuss new admissions and then go to the ward for bedside rounds. The patients have already been seen by housestaff and we, the "consultants",  review and discuss the cases with them. Our role is to teach and  help guide the house officers' as they assess each patient and initiate treatment and diagnostic testing.   Some afternoons, there are additional teaching sessions - Susie, who was a family medicine residency director for 19 years, has done several sessions with the senior physicians on "faculty development" and Dave has spoken to the family medicine residents on anemias and blood clotting problems.

The buildings are separated by beautifully trimmed hedges and
covered walkways.

Signage is excellent - each with a  Bible verse.

At the entrance of the medical ward. 

Part of the female ward. The beds are organized in groups of 6-8, all in one very large room.
Curtains and mosquito nets hang from the ceiling.
Privacy? .....not so much.

The interns on medicine: Drs. Victor, Fred, and Brian. 

Susie speaking to the teaching staff about faculty development.

Everyone gathered together for morning report. (sorry for the dark picture!)

Hospital chapel.

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