Sunday, January 28, 2018

Wildcats and More!!!!

As proud alumni of Northwestern University, home of the Wildcats, we were delighted to see some ferocious felines on our safari drives at Samburu Park!!

The king of beasts is even more impressive in person.

We were fortunate to see a pair of leopards out for a morning stroll.

We were amazed by this cheetah - note how long and lean, built for short
bursts of speed. This one was stalking several gazelle several hundred yards
away - the gazelles (fortunately for them!) sensed the cheetah and were poised
to run if needed.  

There was a plethora of ponderous pachyderms.
This is grandson Lincoln's favorite animal!!!

Besai Oryx - so stately and magnificent. 

Gerenuk - also called a "giraffe antelope".

Reticulated giraffes.



Impala buck - note the graceful curved horns.

Some African safari parks talk about the "big five" but, at Samburu, they have the "special five" which include Grevy's Zebra, Somali ostrich, Besai oryx, gerenuk, and reticulated giraffe. We saw all five of these plus the 3 big cats. It was an excellent adventure!!!

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Connie Mead said...

So wonderful. Remember it well. Thanks for your service. Enjoy!!!
Dale and Connie Mead